A brief synopsis of THE VIKING HOARD:

Viking lore tells of a single raiding ship that once returned to Scandinavia with its hull nearly overburdened by gold. Incredibly, the sailors on that fateful journey insisted that their spoils were only a mere fraction of the riches they had left behind. By today's standards, the entire cache would be worth billions of dollars. Yet despite centuries of searching, no record of the treasure’s location has ever been found…until now.
When his father’s research into the legend ends in tragedy, Lucas Knight returns home to make sense of the situation. Troubled by the speculation that his father was using his position as museum curator for illicit gains, Knight is determined to learn the truth. He follows the clues from Florida to Cuba, only to discover the gruesome slaying of his father’s colleague. Convinced that the crimes are related, Knight teams with the dead man's granddaughter, Gabrielle—a whip-smart doctoral candidate whose main goal in life is to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps—to sort through the mystery and prove the innocence of their loved ones.
Their quest takes them to Iceland in search of a historian with recent ties to both victims. There Knight enlists the services of old friend and former British commando Seamus “Smiley” MacAllister. With a tongue as sharp as the knives he carries, the wise-cracking soldier is not just the group’s muscle, he’s also adept at finding just the right words to liven things up when the mood turns dark. Together, they soon discover that Knight's father had unearthed a long-lost relic that might reveal the location of the Viking treasure…and that the mere existence of this artifact has put them all in danger.
Pursued by modern-day barbarians who consider the treasure their birthright, Knight, Gabrielle, and MacAllister travel to Istanbul, the former home of the raiders who first discovered the stockpile of gold and the current stronghold of those who have guarded the legend throughout the ages. At first, the trio’s efforts yield little results, but after confronting the enemy on its home turf, the mounting clues give rise to a startling new theory linking the ancient Viking treasure to the folklore of the Aztec Empire. Determined to exhaust every possibility, the group moves their adventure to Mexico in search of the final pieces to the puzzle—and the legendary Viking hoard.