Are the historical details in THE VIKING HOARD accurate?
It is a work of fiction, but I made every effort to ground the story in real-life events and historical figures.

What's your favorite book/movie/song?
My favorite book is THE STAND by Stephen King. When someone mentions "American classics", I know I'm supposed to think of HUCKLEBERRY FINN or THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA, but my mind goes to Mother Abagail, Randall Flagg, and the Trashcan Man. My high school buddies and I didn't trade baseball cards, we traded Stephen King paperbacks. I'd read his grocery list if he'd let me…and I'm sure it wouldn't disappoint.

My favorite movie is JAWS, narrowly beating out THE LAST UNICORN. (Yes, I'm serious.)

My favorite song is
The Star-Spangled Banner, in part because it almost always means that a sporting event is about to start.

What authors do you read?

Chris Kuzneski (
Graham Brown (
Boyd Morrison (
Jeremy Robinson a.k.a. Jeremy Bishop a.k.a. Jeremiah Knight (

Their intellect and ideas never cease to amaze me. If you like action-adventure thrillers, you need to check out their books as soon as humanly possible.